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"Speak to the earth and it will teach thee."

I am an Evergreen, Colorado based artist who creates in encaustic mixed media art. 


Encaustic is a Greek word meaning “to heat or burn in” (enkaustikos). Encaustic medium consists of natural beeswax and crystallized tree sap (resin). The medium can be used alone for its transparency or adhesive qualities or used pigmented, and applied onto a substrate, such as a wood panel, with a brush or any tools I wish to create from. Heat is used throughout the process, from melting the beeswax and to fusing the layers of wax. 

A principle theme in my work is nature...and more specifically essence and expressions of the glory and sovereignty of nature. I create with found earthen objects or am inspired by them. Many of my pieces include an experience I try to replicate...abstractly...whimsically... realistically. 

I have worked with many forms of media, but I love working with encaustic best. The beeswax and resin medium has its own adventurous personality and  clever design in creation.

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